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Nelibar Craftmanship has been perfected for more that fifty years, forming a modern heritage of exceptional shoemaking and enduring passion for leather. PREPARING THE DESIGN TO DRAFTING THE PATTERN Once the design is finalized, the pattern make starts drafting directly on our wooden shoe that is wrapped in Adhesive tape. Each detail and cut is […]

History of Nelibar?

nelibar - handmade & handcrafted leather shoes & accessories

Neli Bar is a geographical region in Punjab, Pakistan. It is between the rivers Ravi and Satluj. “Bar” is the name given to areas in Punjab which were thick forests before the arrival of the modern canal irrigation system. Its soil is very fertile, as this plain is formed by the mud that has been […]


We care about animal welfare and endangered species. We believe in a world where no animal suffers for fashion. We have strict policies to enforce this belief: We don’t use extinct animal skin (leather). This species is endangered.We have strict requirements for any animal products we use.We don’t trade in exotic animal skins (leather), or […]


nelibar - handmade & handcrafted leather shoes & accessories

What does the term ‘civilisation’ mean to you? This was the question posed to us when we accepted the challenge of participating in BBC Civilisations in Spring 2018. There was really only one answer that came to mind … civilisation is leather. BBC Civilisations is a nine-part series, hosted by Simon Schama, Mary Beard and […]


Tanning - nelibar - handnmade and handcrafted leather shoes and accessories - how is leather made

The primary raw material for leather, animal hide, is a byproduct of the meat and dairy industry. Yup the Good Ol’ Slaughterhouse. From the slaughterhouse, the flayed hides are taken to tanneries where they are turned, from a potential putrid and decaying heap, into one of the most durable and beautiful materials. A vast majority […]


nelibar - handmade & handcrafted leather shoes & accessories

The rapid increase in the world population demands primary rights like food and protection that will increase pressure on animals. There are a number of human beings in the fashion world who are taking required moves to ensure that out surroundings in healthy and secure for everyone. In phrases of demand there may not be […]

History of Leather

nelibar - handmade & handcrafted leather shoes & accessories

Our forefathers long earlier than the digital age ,used leather to keep them safe from natural factors. Initially man hunted animals for food, then used their skin to take care of their body from severe weather. This fine material was used in the clothing, shelter and weaponry.Early civilizations observed new approaches of using leather for […]

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